Helloindonesia.id – The Borobudur Temple ship panels provide important information that exploration, meetings and exchanges between nations have become a common practice and manifestation of civilization in the archipelago. The image of the ship formed in the relief panels of the Borobudur temple ship in the interior seems to awaken observers that the interior of the archipelago also has characteristics of exploration and maritime exchange.

Borobudur Relief

The panel describing the sailing ship was specifically regarded as a world heritage because of the knowledge of civilization that was specifically raised in the case of the archipelago.

It is estimated – because it has fertile land – Java is the goal of developing an agriculture-plantation based economy. Dynasties from outside the archipelago met dynasties that had grown and developed in the archipelago. This became an important meeting between civilizations, not only related to Hindu-Buddha, but also Javanese and Malay.

The meeting between civilizations also covers the field of trade in crops in Java to parties around the archipelago. Maritime trade arises by using a fleet of inter-insular vessels, namely ships that can cross strait waters, bays, islands, and meeting ocean currents. This type of ship is usually equipped with outriggers.

This trade also explains the similarities in symbols and architecture between the Archipelago kingdoms and dynasties and kingdoms from outside the archipelago such as Siam, Khmer, Champa, and Burma.

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