tari saman aceh

Helloindonesia.id – Indonesia is a country that has a lot of art, one of which is dance. from various regions, they must have their own dance areas, which have their own movements. from each region often influenced by the customs and culture around. this time we will discuss the aceh dance sampan, a dance which was once held on asean games at the bungkarno surge.

tari saman aceh
Aceh saman dance

Saman dance, this traditional dance was once the ethnic dance of the Gayo tribe, where the race was the oldest race on the coast of Aceh at that time.

At that time the dance was intended as a medium to spread Islam. Now, this dance is entertainment and is often performed to fill art festivals abroad.

This dance is roughly played by 9 or more, the most important number must be odd. But by the way about Saman Dance, I had a chance to read in the virtual world there had been a controversy about this dance.

One netizen said that this dance is specifically for men, because the body of a woman is very weak to follow the dance movements. Naturally, the movements in the saman dance are like shaking, lingang, surging, and chirping. Although basically, the movement contains clapping and applause.

Saman Dance On Asean Games 2018 Indonesia
Saman Dance On Asean Games 2018 Indonesia

In this dance, all dancers move in a very compact manner, the movement that is considered the climax of all movements is when the dancers raise their hands to the sky, and hold the hands of their friends. I think the movement is like a wave. Where some dancers bow, some as if holding back, some raising their hands.

The costume used in the saman dance is the costume of the Gayo tribe, and is controlled by a middle dancer. Saman dance does not use other instruments, they make use of the sound produced by clapping hands.

No wonder, this dance entered the list of UNESCO. And since then, saman dance is not allowed to be danced by women, the costumes used are not careless and the language used must also be the language of the Gayo tribe.

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