Rendang, Traditional Indonesian Cuisine – Indonesia is a storehouse of various types of cuisine, almost in each region has its own special cuisine. start the menu of processed animal and vegetable. one dish that is almost known throughout Indonesia is rendang, but most of us still don’t know much about the ins and outs of this further.


Rendang is a superior processed typical of the archipelago. Its existence is closely related to the abundant coconut on the archipelago’s tropical trajectory. This type of culinary is one of the leading dishes with coconut ingredients. The rendang seasoning is mainly a processing of beef confectionery. UNESCO acknowledged it as being processed from Indonesia.

Rendang is made from grated coconut, which is then roasted, mashed, and then combined with Nusantara seasoning. These Nusantara herbs include galangal, ginger, orange leaves, pepper, pepper, lemongrass, and some other herbs.

It’s usually sharp and savory. For those who like spicy, usually given a mixture of chili or pepper which is propagated. The ingredients of this seasoning are actually good.

When fried again, usually with beef that has also been ripened (or half cooked) first, the final result is a tasty and tasty rendang meat.

This food is typical of Indonesia because of the use of coconuts, and the use of Nusantara spices which are very rich. Coconut which is the basic material has a basic savory taste (no wonder in the seasoning of uduk rice, coconut is also used). With this processed alloy, rendang can give a good taste to meat material.

This traditional Indonesian food is very well known from the Minangkabau region. The savory taste is considered to be the guiding taste. In some places in Sumatra this type of culinary is also made in a variety of attractive forms and of course delicious.

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