Delicious Martabak Acau 89 Typical of Bangka Belitung

Martabak Acau – It’s not complete when visiting Bangka but don’t try this one. Martabak Bangka is a mandatory food that must be enjoyed when visiting this area which is known as a region rich in tin. One of the famous martabak sellers here is Martabak Acau 89.

Martabak Acau
Martabak Acau

Location of Martabak Acau

Martabak Acau 89, located on Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 9, Bangka, this has been open since August 1989. Various types of sweet martabak are available here. Starting from chocolate bean martabak, banana, raisins, until cheese can be selected according to your desired taste.

The sweet taste and soft texture of Martabak when it enters the mouth makes the Martabak Acau taste so delicious. Visitors will be hypnotized by the deliciousness of Martabak and will not stop to enjoy it. One serving of martabak sold here is valued from IDR 17,000 to IDR 38,000.

For those who like savory flavors, Martabak Acau also has an egg martabak that is no less delicious than a sweet martabak. Martabak egg types offered here are also not arbitrary. Special egg martabak with double cheese is the most special at Martabak Acau. The amount of cheese served in martabak makes the food taste very delicious and delicious when tasted.

Other Menu MArtabak Acau

Another menu that is worth a try is the corn martabak. Martabak is rarely found in other cities. Therefore, when visiting this martabak shop, corn martabak becomes one of the options that is worth a try.

Martabak Acau
Martabak Acau

Martabak Acau is also quite famous among celebrities. Starting from Sandra Dewi to Bondan Winarno, she has tasted this Martabak delicacy. Martabak Acau is open from 13.00 until 22.00 WIB.

According to Minto, the son of Mr. Acau who founded the legendary martabak, in a day Martabak Acau can sell around 200 martabak pans. While on major holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Christmas, the number of buyers will increase. “Most buyers like sweet martabak,” explained Minto, who is involved in making martabak at his business kiosk.

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