Delicious Red Bean – The culinary of the archipelago is varied and varied. One of them is red bean ice. With the Latin name Phaseolus vulgaris, red beans have high protein content and iron which is good for energy supply.

Many found in the areas of Manado, Palembang, and Bangka, red bean ice is also rich in vitamin B. This makes red bean ice very popular.

Delicious Red Bean
Delicious Red Bean

The basic ingredients are red bean ice

Red beans used as the basic ingredients of this drink must first be boiled. This boiling is necessary so that the beans feel soft and tasty.

Red bean ice also uses tape and jackfruit as additional ingredients. As a complement, all these ingredients and finely shaved ice will then be added with sweetened condensed milk.

If visiting Pangkalpinang City, Bangka, try stopping by at Anggrek Resto. Located on Jalan Mayor Syafrie Rachman No. 12, red bean ice here is very famous for its deliciousness. With a relatively cheap price, visitors can taste nutritious red bean ice.

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