Helloindonesia.id – Indonesia is a country that is rich in growing plants, and does not forget also the various types of fruit that can grow in Indonesia, we must be grateful and together maintain this wealth. there are some fruits that only exist in Indonesia or can be said to be real fruit. of course this fruit has its own unique character, starting from the smell, taste, shape, color and geographical planting.


The following is one of the fruits that is quite popular with many people, but also there are some people who just smell the aroma alone already feel dizzy and nauseous. yes indeed durin fruit has a distinctive aroma. Durian fruit also contains a small amount of alcohol which makes it easy for anyone who consumes to feel heat in the stomach, of course it happens if it’s too much.

Besides this one fruit is famous for its nickname as king of fruit. Durian fruit was first found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. The smell is quite stinging as if to confirm the delicacy of fruit that has spiny skin. Durian is one of the original and distinctive types of Indonesian fruit that is so popular with Indonesians that it has been developed into around 300 variants in Thailand and throughout the world. At present, durian fruit is also processed into various types of snacks and complementary fruit ice.

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