Anoi Itam – Of the many beaches on Pulau Weh, this beach may be the most different. Anoi Itam Beach, 13 km from Sabang City, is the only black sand beach on the island. Anoi Itam itself indeed means ‘black sand’. The exotic beauty of this beach has led him to achieve the title as one of the prettiest beaches in the archipelago of Garuda Indonesia magazine.

Anoi Itam
Anoi Itam

Anoi Itam Beach Sand is said to have a different density with black sand on other beaches. It weighs approximately three times the weight of black sand in general. This is due to the high nickel content in its mineral composition. The color combination of black sand and white limestone around it looks contrast and gives a sensation of its own beauty.

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The blue of the high seas and the rustling of the beach breeze that hits our bodies brings peace that frees us from fatigue. Try to walk the coastline barefoot in the afternoon. The warm sand playing on the soles of the feet when swept away by the waves, presents a sensation that makes us relax. Witnessing the natural landscape, green trees, blue sky and views of Mount Seulawah soaring in mainland Aceh will be an irreplaceable experience.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this beach, we can explore by motorbike from Sabang City, along the eastern path, across the Sumur Tiga Beach. Along the way downhill and downhill roads, we are spoiled by the beauty of the beach scenery that we usually see in photography works. The difference is that the beauty of the Creator’s masterpiece is now truly evident before our eyes.

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