Remembering the fighting spirit of Cut Nyak Dhien

Cut Nyak Dien History – For those of you who like history, the Cut Nyak Dhien House in Aceh might be a recommendation for you to visit. This historic house can add references to your historical tourism insight in Aceh. Located about half the way from Aceh to the Lampuuk area, this place can be visited while crossing the region which is famous for its beautiful beaches.

Cut Nyak Dien History
Cut Nyak Dien History

This historic house indeed holds many stories about the perseverance of Cut Nyak Dhien and her husband Teuku Umar in taking the fight against the Dutch East Indies army. Secret meetings between Teuku Umar and other Acehnese fighters were often held in this house. Including when Teuku Umar and his commander argued loudly before deciding to turn back against the Dutch on March 30, 1896. At that time, Teuku Umar brought all the troops under his command along with 800 weapons, 25,000 bullets, 500 kg of ammunition and $ 18,000.

The house that now stands on Jl. Cut Nyak Dhien, Lampisang Village, Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar, this is not the real home of Cut Nyak Dhien. Stilt houses are the result of the reconstruction of the original building. The original house of Cut Nyak Dhien was burnt down by the Dutch in 1896. This was done by the Dutch after Teuku Umar turned around against the Dutch with a lot of logistics and troops. This replica house was rebuilt between 1981-1982 as a historical data center about the struggle of Cut Nyak Dhien and Teuku Umar.

Rumoh Aceh
Rumoh Aceh

Although only a replica of it, this replica house is still maintained in its original form. Through the hallway in front of the house on stilts, to the right, we will enter the front porch. Here are photos of documentation about the occupation of Aceh by the Dutch and important figures involved in it.

Through an alley, we will get to the back porch. Just like the front porch, this room also contains photographs documenting the days of the struggle of the Acehnese people against colonialism. Next, we enter the dining room and the kitchen where several types of weapons replicas are displayed. On the left side of the house, there is Cut Nyak Dhien’s bedroom and the Guest room which is a place where fighters usually talk about their tricks.

In addition, around this housing complex also lined up a number of souvenir shops typical of Aceh. We can stop by and buy souvenirs from the province that is famous for this coffee. The prices at these souvenir centers are relatively cheaper than those in Banda Aceh.

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