Saman Dance – This dance always attracts attention. His movements are smooth and orderly to the rhythm of the harmonious music to make anyone who watched it always made amazed. This is the saman dance, a dance of the pride of the people of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

Saman Dance
Saman Dance

Saman dance is unique. The cohesiveness of the dancers who perform amazing movements makes this dance look so stomping and creates an atmosphere full of energy.

There are two elements of motion that form the basis of the saman dance, applause and applause. The dance originating from the Gayo area is one of the unique dances. In addition to displaying applause, there are also other movements, such as shaking, flapping, lingering, and filtering (all the names of the movements are in Gayo).

The name saman dance is taken from the name of an Acehnese cleric named Sheikh Saman who created this dance. This dance was created in around the XIV century AD. In the past, this dance was just a folk game called “pok ane”. At that time, the saman dance was used as one of the media for da’wah. Over time, there were additions in the form of accompaniment of poetry containing praise to God, accompanied by the applause of the dancers.

Initially, the saman dance was only performed on certain occasions such as during the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. But in its development, saman dance can now be classified as an entertainment dance.

This dance is now performed on every occasion that is fun, like a wedding or other celebration, and is no longer bound by certain events or ceremonies.

Saman dance usually appears with the guidance of a leader who is commonly called the “sheikh”. Saman dancers and “sheikhs” must be able to work well together to create a movement that is always compact and harmonious.

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