Ie Seuum, Enjoy the Warmth of a Natural Spring – If Ciwidey has Ciwalini, then Aceh Besar has Ie Seuum. The hot spring baths from this natural spring are located in Ie Seuum Village, Mukim Krueng Raya, Mesjid Raya sub-district, Aceh Besar District.

Ie Seuum becomes an ideal stopover after you tour several other attractions in the Krueng Raya Region such as Ujong Batee Beach, Indra Pura Fortress and Inong Balee Fortress. This hot spring can be reached from Banda Aceh in about 2 hours drive.

Ie Seuum
Ie Seuum

Literally, Ie Seuum has the meaning ‘hot water’. There are no sources that specify the origin of this name, but the existence of a hot spring originating from Mount Seulawah has indeed been known by the local community for a long time.

The temperature of the spring which reaches 85 degrees celsius, has even been used by the community to boil eggs for a long time. However, this hot spring never stopped radiating when a volcanic earthquake occurred in 2004 ago.

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Its position that is isolated from residential areas presents its own charm. To reach the bathing location, we will pass a winding road and also the hills at the foot of Mount Seulawah. Along the way, our eyes will be presented with a beautiful view of the hills. For you fans of landscape photography, a trip to the bath might be a paradise for imagination to develop your creativity.

One of the unique things that this tourist attraction has is that it is open 24 hours non-stop. This makes us not need to wait for certain times to be able to enjoy the warmth of this natural hot spring.

But don’t think about doing things that violate religious norms. Like other areas in Aceh, sharia also applies here, so that the pool for men and women are in separate rooms.

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Not only Aceh residents who visited this hot spring, but many foreign tourists, especially backpackers, also came to this place to unwind while enjoying hot water.

Besides relaxing in the pool while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding natural scenery, there are some visitors who come with the aim of therapeutic treatment. For visitors who are elderly, this hot spring bath is believed to be able to treat rheumatism, nerve disorders and skin diseases.

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