Kadriyah Palace, Historic Travel Destinations in Pontianak City

Helloindonesia.id – In the past, the Kadriyah Palace became the center of the government of the Pontianak Sultanate. Inevitably, the building became one of the early milestones of the founding of Pontianak City, a city in the Kapuas river delta, West Kalimantan.

Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Mosque or also known as Pontianak Jami Mosque. (Photo: wisatapontianak.com)

Kadriyah Palace was built in October 1771. The location of this palace is right at the intersection of three rivers, namely the Landak River, the Kapuas Kecil River, and the Kapuas River.

The palace was built by Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie (1738-1808), son of Habib Husein Alkadrie, a religious judge of the Kingdom of Matan and a prominent cleric in Mempawah Kingdom. In his youth, he often traveled around and met with many world merchants.

When his father died in 1770, Syarif Abdurrahman and his family decided to look for a new settlement. They then combed the Kapuas River for 1,100 meters.

On October 23, 1771, they arrived in the area near the confluence of three rivers, namely the Landak River, the Small Kapuas River, and the Kapuas River. They then decided to settle in the area.

That said, when he was about to open a forest land in the area, Syarif Abdurrahman got a disturbance from the kuntilanak ghosts. According to hereditary stories, from the name of the kuntilanak, the name Pontianak originated. Pontianak people refer to kuntilanak as puntianak.

To determine the location where his palace was to be erected, Syarif Abdurrahman fired three cannons into the air. The three points of the fall of the cannon were then used as the location of the founding of the Kadriyah Palace, Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Mosque, and the burial place for family members of the Pontianak Sultanate.

The Kadriyah Palace is closely related to the founding of Kora Pontianak, West Kalimantan. (Photo: seruju.co.id)

The Kadriyah Palace was completed in 1778. That same year, Syarif Abdurrahman was confirmed as the first Pontianak Sultan. Over time, the palace has undergone several renovations and reconstruction to become its current form.

This 1,500 square meter palace is the largest Malay palace in West Kalimantan. Until now, the building is still maintained and has become one of the historical tourist destinations in the city of Pontianak.

Kadriyah Palace is in Kampung Beting, Dalam Bugis Village, East Pontianak District, Pontianak City, West Kalimantan Province. This two-story building is made of ironwood.

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On the front page, there are several guns made by Portuguese and French cannons. The palace is dominated by yellow which is a distinctive color of Malay culture. Some private rooms belonging to the sultanate’s family are also open to the public, although there are some restrictions when outside visitors enter them.

Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Mosque or known as Pontianak Jami Mosque is located about 200 meters from the palace location. The mosque which is also made of ironwood has a unique pulpit because its shape resembles a ship’s deck.

Until now, the mosque which is hundreds of years old is still used for religious activities by surrounding residents.
Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Mosqu

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