The Leuser Ecosystem (KEL) stores very rich natural resources. Located in 13 districts in Aceh Province and 3 districts in North Sumatra, this ecosystem area is 2,634,874 hectares.

Inside, there is Gunung Leuser National Park, nature reserve area, protected forest, production forest, limited production forest, permanent production forest, and convertible production forest.

The natural scenery in the Leuser Ecosystem is very charming and diverse, ranging from natural green scenery, crystal clear river water, beautiful waterfalls, very diverse life, fresh air, to a variety of rare animals.

The beauty of the Leuser forest can be enjoyed by anyone without paying. At the end of the year, usually many travelers travel to Gayo Lues and Southeast Aceh. In addition to watching orangutans, they also like to climb and rafting on the Alas River.

Orang Utan

As a rainforest, Leuser serves as a buffer for human life. Leuser ensures the availability of clean water and air.

So rich is Leuser that this area is a treasure trove and world laboratory. Leuser sustainability has a positive impact on the world climate. Conversely, damage to Leuser aggravates global warming.

Inside the Leuser area there are also three freshwater peat swamps, namely Tripa, Singkil, and Kluet. The peat swamp depth which reaches 12 meters is a place for carbon storage, flood control, and fisheries potential.

The destruction of forests and swamps will affect global climate change. Leuser damage not only threatens local residents, but also the world community.

Sumatran Orangutan

The Leuser ecosystem area is not only useful for supporting human life. This area is a big home for a variety of rare animals. There are hundreds of mammals, birds and reptiles there. One phenomenal one is
Sumatran orangutan.

The existence of orangutans is very beneficial for the sustainability and balance of forest ecosystems. This protected rare animal is the most effective spreader of seeds. The seeds of the fruit that he eats and comes out of his feces become the superior seeds that grow where the seeds fall. Thus the forest cover is maintained.

In Indonesia, orangutans are only found in two regions, namely Sumatra and Kalimantan. At present, this animal is threatened with extinction due to hunting and narrowing of the forest. In the Leuser forest itself, hunting for orangutans is still widespread. At present, there are around 14,000 orangutans that still exist in the Leuser forest. This number will continue to shrink if the hunt is not stopped.

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