Gurita Satay – If you are a culinary adventurer, then this food deserves to be a target of hunting when in Pulau Weh, Aceh. Octopus Satay name, one of the snacks that are characteristic of the City of Sabang. Taste this food, without realizing it, you will enjoy this skewer by skewer. Maybe, suddenly you realize a portion is not enough to satisfy curiosity about the taste of satay that really arouse this taste.

Gurita Satay
Gurita Satay

As an area known for its exotic beaches, seafood is indeed the favorite culinary in this city. But among the various types of seafood, octopus is one of the most unique culinary compared to other regions in Indonesia. Octopus is indeed easily found around the shallow waters of Weh Island. Local fishermen often find octopus among their catch.

With a slightly chewy and savory meat with simple peanut sauce, this satay is a delicious meal and suitable as a filler for a hungry stomach at night.

In some traders, the alternative of Padang Satay Octopus satay is an alternative choice for Octopus Satay taste, Padang Seasoned Satay Octopus. Padang Seasoning is the same as seasoning on other Padang satay which consists of a mixture of red chili, turmeric, and cumin thickened with rice flour and sago.

Shops or stalls that sell octopus satay are generally found in the Sabang City Food Court. There are about five stalls serving this type of food. Apart from the Food Court, near the Sabang Fair Building and the entrance gate to Sabang Hill, we can also find a shop called ‘Kedai Bang Wan’ and it is located not far from the beach.

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