Helloindonesia.id – Nothing wrong if you immediately furrow your forehead when you hear the name. “Ayam Tangkap” will indeed arouse curiosity from the first time you hear it. Could be, seeing how it looks, you will be more wide-eyed. When ordering food on this one, which served are pieces of fried chicken hidden behind a pile of leaves. Indeed, herein lies the uniqueness of this authentic Aceh Besar regional dish.

Ayam Tangkap

“Ayam Tangkap” is fried chicken meat and served with a sprinkling of leaves mixed with onions that have also been fried. But the leaves in “Ayam Tangkap” are not just any leaves. The leaves used are a mixture of koja salam leaves which in local languages ​​are called ‘Temurui’ and roughly chopped pandan leaves. The combination of these two types of foliage with chopped onions fried together creates a combination of aromas that arouse tastes and savory flavors that are deliciously tempting.

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According to the joke of a restaurant owner, in the past “Ayam Tangkap” was served incidentally when a guest arrived. The host will immediately catch a chicken and mix it into a large plate of Capture Chicken which is eaten together. Maybe that’s why people later call this cuisine “Ayam Tangkap”. Apart from the truth of the story, “Ayam Tangkap” is indeed suitable to be served during the meal together.

You might be wondering, can the leaves cover the pieces of chicken be eaten? According to one of the Catch Chicken fans, it depends on your taste. Dilidah some people, the leaves are fried until crispy it is also delicious to eat as a snack or with rice. In the cooking process, these leaves are not merely accessories. This mixture of temurui leaves, pandanus and onions are fried just before frying the chicken, so that the aroma and flavor contained in it also absorb into the chicken meat.

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