Gurindam Dua Belas, A Combination of Malay Culture and Islam

Gurindam Dua Belas, which was completed by Raja Ali Haji in 1847, became a high-grade literary masterpiece of spiritual value (in Islam), the value of friendship of Malay clan, and reflection of society. The Malay track is very strong. Not only reaching the Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia alone, but also to the point of Malay culture throughout the archipelago.

Gurindam Dua Belas was written by Raja Ali Haji on Penyengat Island, Riau, when he was 38 years old. The work consisting of 12 clauses is a didactic poem containing elements of teaching with the teachings of Islam as its core-including in it concerning the law, order, fact and makrifat. This work itself is a two-poetic form with the same recitation.

This poem combines Malay culture with Islamic teachings. This kind of creativity is closely associated with the growth of learning centers in the Malay Archipelago that takes Malay language.

These learning centers themselves are not limited to large centers as they occur in large kingdoms. This is in line with the spirit of the times brought about by the Islamic Civilization in the Nusantara where there are so many learning centers.

In line with that, Gurindam Dua Belas is increasingly opening public access to Malay language, especially in poetry.

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