masjid patimburak hello indonesia – The history of Islam in Indonesia is very much, Islam entered Indonesia during the Caliphate and spread throughout the archipelago. Islam entered the archipelago peacefully without hostility so that it can be seen from its history of very rapid development.

masjid patimburak hello indonesia
masjid patimburak hello indonesia

one example of Islamic civilization in terms of architecture or buildings that are still left behind is the mosque. one of them is the patimburak community in Papua, a mosque which according to people is the oldest mosque in Papua, this shows that the spread of Islam is very fast and peaceful throughout the archipelago.

According to estimates, the Old Mosque of Patimburak has existed since 1870. This one and a half century old building is probably the oldest mosque in Papua. This mosque is a witness to the history of the spread of Islam on the Earth of Paradise.

Although it is old, the mosque building in Patimburak Village, Kokas District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua Province still looks solid. Initially, this mosque called Al Yasin Mosque, was founded by a priest named Abuhari Kilian. He got the assignment from the Ternate Sultanate to spread Islam in Papua.

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The architecture is unique, a blend of Javanese and European styles. That is why, at a glance from the outside, this building is similar to the church in Europe in the past. While the interior of the mosque is similar to typical Javanese buildings.

Pati’s old mosque building is supported by 4 main pillars such as the Javanese building structure. Until now, the wooden pillars that support this mosque are still original and the condition is still solid.

The mosque building is a hexagon, symbolizing the pillars of faith as the foundation in religion. The dome’s pedestal is octagonal, symbolizing 8 wind directions. One direction of the wind is marked as Mihrab, referring to the Qibla as the direction of prayer.

The Old Pati Mosque has been renovated several times. However, the improvements made did not change the original shape of the building, also known as the Wertuer Mosque. The drum marker during the mosque’s first prayer is still there.

The presence of the Old Pati Mosque is a symbol of the harmony and tolerance of the Papuan people. It is said that this old mosque was built in mutual cooperation, both by Muslims and Christians. Pati’s Old Mosque is a manifestation of the philosophy of the Papuan people, “one stove is three stones.”

The motto is the view of the local community in maintaining harmony in diversity. It is remarkable that Nusantqara is the best tolerance for living in this country. where all religious people are free to follow their respective religions. so let’s take care of all the harmony and harmony that exists. as a person who is dedicated to the state safeguarding the religion of each family in the country but in their respective beliefs.

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